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 Woodstove Specialists

We specialize in servicing, installing, repairing and rebuilding of all models of Vermont Castings® and Consolidated Dutch West® woodstoves.

For over 10 years we have been this areas trusted name in VC installation and repair. We work closely with local woodstove dealers and shops to install new stoves, troubleshoot problems with existing stove installations, repair damaged and rebuild worn-out stoves, and recommend and perform built-to-code installations in new construction homes.

What Makes Us Vermont Castings® Specialists?


FCCS has installed, maintained, repaired, rebuilt and reconditioned VCs for over 10 years; also providing consultations, trouble-shooting and product information to woodburners here throughout Frederick County, Maryland, as well as in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. FCCS has been recognized by the manufacturers of Vermont Castings® woodstoves as an authority on their products (read letter here).


When is a woodstove not just a woodstove? When it’s a Vermont Castings®

Vermont Castings® (VC) and Consolidated Dutchwest® (CDW) woodburning appliances, manufactured for about 25 years years, is currently owned by "The MAJESTIC Products Company", are considered the ‘cream of the crop’ by industry experts. These higher-end stoves have proven to be worthwhile investments when considering an alternative heat source for just about any living area.

Vermont Castings WoodstoveFCCS has installed, maintained, repaired, rebuilt and reconditioned VCs for about 10 years; also providing consultations, trouble-shooting and product information to woodburners here throughout Frederick County, Maryland, as well as in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. FCCS n proudly and unequivocally state that dealers and clients alike recognize our expertise for VC and CDW woodburning appliance service.

Vermont Castings® rates very high in customer satisfaction. It is widely known that VC buyers readily recommend these appliances to friends and family, and often become repeat customers - buying additional appliances or upgrading to newer models. Traditionally these stoves draw top-dollar re-sale prices.

WHY Purchase a Vermont Castings® ?

- Superior Quality - High Resale Value

- Design Features - Ease of Repairs & Reconditioning

- Beauty and Aesthetic Value - Excellent Manufacturer Warranty Coverage

- Heat Efficiency

Vermont Castings® woodstoves consist of easily obtainable replacement parts and part kits. They can function superbly for many years when proper installation, service and regular check-ups are provided by a qualified serviceman/technician. Also, product longevity is virtually guaranteed when the users are informed and follow through in developing good user and woodburning habits.

Vermont Castings® Owners’ Common Problem – Substandard Service

Consolidated Dutch West RepairPeople are often erroneously led to believe all woodstoves are the same. Customers seem happy to pay low prices for chimney cleanings, without considering that the sweeps don’t also service the woodstove, as is required for peak performance.

Remember, advertisements are sometimes misleading. Anyone can call themselves "Chimney Venting Experts" or "Venting Specialists" without it having to be literally true – the terms and implications are relative!

FCCS has known of cases in which well-intentioned ‘sweeps’ advised Vermont CastingsÒ owners to trash or sell their stoves because "they’ll never work right" or "can’t be fixed". On the contrary, we usually found that the chimney sweep apparently wasn’t familiar with the appliance and didn’t know how to fix or re-install it properly.

Substandard Service - Easy Solution!

Consider this. For the most part, woodburners understand it is necessary to have woodstove chimneys cleaned regularly (usually after burning 2 cords of wood, or after each burning season); however, they often don’t understand their Vermont Castings® requires checking and cleaning at the same time!

Before hiring a "sweep", ask if they are familiar with VCs and how long they’ve been servicing them – do they have a number of references you can speak to?

Vermont Castings® Woodstove Annual Service Recommended

Vermont Castings WoodstoveTo Protect and Preserve Your Investment…

  1. Examine, Remove, and if necessary, Clean the Catalytic Combustor (Not all models have one)
  2. All Stove Gaskets Need to be Checked, and Replaced If Needed (door, griddle, ash pan & glass)
  3. Check Secondary Air Probe (Note: Not all models have one)
  4. Check Overall Condition of Stove for any Warping or Cracks – frequently the result of over-firing the stove.

What Does "Over-Firing" Mean?

Over-firing is the result of a woodstove burning too hot - 700° and above, according to most Owner’s Manuals or Manufacturer’s Specifications. This condition will cause parts of the woodstove to be warped and/or cracked.

Over-firing can occur when too much air continues entering into the appliance after starting a fire, like when :

  1. The door or window gasket is loose or worn
  2. The ash pan door is left open or ajar
  3. The stove is filled with a large amount of dry wood and the air (intake) vents are left wide open

Is Your Vermont Castings® Running Too Hot?

If after starting a fire, the stove continues to run in excess of 700-750 degrees, even after you close the air intake (vents), let the stove go out and discontinue using it until a qualified technician checks and resolves the problem.


  • Monitor the Stove Temperature: Keep a magnetic thermometer on the side loading door, or on the griddle (on top).
  • Don’t use the Catalytic damper handle to control the stove temperature during normal operation.
  • Engage the "Cat" after the stove temp. reaches 450 degs. - Consult your Owner’s Manual.
  • If the "Cat" is engaged when you have a roaring fire and extremely high stove temperature (above 600 degs.), the likely result can be premature wear, and cracking of the Catalytic Combustor.


Close air intakes a bit and allow stove temp. and flames to decrease before engaging the "Cat". (Remember, the stove temp should be about 450 degrees) Then open the intakes gradually until the temperature is comfortable in your home.

Common Complaint from Vermont Castings Owners


This problem may be caused by one or more of the following:

  1. An improper, non-air-tight stove installation - Don’t let anyone install your appliance into a fireplace using a section of stovepipe with ceramic wool insulation stuffed around it at the chimney damper area! The stove won’t burn sufficiently hot, nor function as It was designed to. The common result of such a poor installation is large amounts of shiny, highly flammable ("3rd degree") creosote deposits inside the stove and chimney – possibly harming your family or home.
  2. The chimney not having sufficient draft to vent the smoke up the chimney – as when the outside air temperature is relatively warm, or there is a need to change the air pressure in your house by cracking a window slightly open or checking which doors in the house are closed/open.
  3. A dirty Catalytic Combustor – needs to be brushed off.

The above general information has been provided by FCCS as a convenience to our current and potential clients. For more specific information, or to resolve a particular problem, feel free to call our office at anytime. (Please be prepared to indicate which VC model you have.) We’ll gladly respond as quickly as possible. Always consult your Owner’s Manual for technical information specific to your stove model.

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